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It’s Time to Let the Casino Bill Go

It’s Time to Let the Casino Bill Go

Governor Doug Burgum made a promise during campaign season not to accept his gubernatorial salary. It was pointless symbolism, critics such as myself said, and probably not legal to boot. But Burgum was insistent on finding a way to decline his salary, spending the first months of his term in office working with a legal

North Dakota Casino Bill Gets Proposed Amendments From Two Different Lawmakers

UPDATE: The Judiciary Committee today voted down both of these proposed amendments and voted 13-2 to give the amendment a “do not pass” recommendation. House Majority Leader Al Carlson caused quite a stir when he filed a proposed constitutional amendment allowing up to six state-operated casinos. That legislation seemed unlikely to pass in its original form,

North Dakota Should Just Legalize Gambling

Today a legislative committee is hearing testimony on HCR3033, a proposed constitutional amendment allowing for the creation of a limited number of casinos operated by the State of North Dakota. The resolution was introduced by House Majority Leader Al Carlson, though the idea originated with Senator Lonnie Laffen (R-Grand Forks), and it’s timing has widely

Audio: Tribal Leader on Carlson’s Casino Bill: “I’ll Never Try to Explain Exactly What He’s Thinking in His Head”

Last week House Majority Leader Al Carlson dropped a bit of a bombshell on state politics. He announced a proposed constitutional amendment which would allow the state government to operate up to a half dozen casinos. The state already has five casinos operated by tribal governments in Indian country, in addition to a limited amount

Majority Leaders Wardner and Carlson: Living Within Our Means and Balancing the Budget

This guest post was authored by Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson) and House Majority Leader Al Carlson (R-Fargo) We have reached the halfway point of the 65th legislative session, bills that have passed the House move on to the Senate and vice-versa. Most bills are still works-in-progress, and plenty of time still remains to

Video: House Democrat Insults Sponsor of Refugee Study “Born in Prejudice and Suspicion”

Earlier this month a bill which would have required more data collection on the social and fiscal impacts of refugee resettlement in our state, and allowed for the state and its political subdivisions to pause resettlement if deemed necessary, was turned into a study after hours of emotional testimony in committee. But even though the

Video: It Was #NoDAPL Bill Day in the House of Representatives

During their floor session today the North Dakota House of Representatives took up a number of bills inspired by the turbulent, often unlawful #NoDAPL protests of the last several months. Here’s what they considered: HB1193, sponsored by Rep. Lawrence Klemin, a Republican from Bismarck This bill makes it a Class C Felony to purposefully cause

Video: Democratic Lawmaker Says Raising Voter Fraud Penalty Is “Mean Spirited” and “Voter Intimidation”

After a federal court stuck down North Dakota’s voter ID law last year the state was forced to go back to an old system of letting people without valid ID’s cast their ballots using affidavits attesting to their identity. Today lawmakers took up HB1369 (see it below) which seeks to implement a more secure sort

There Is a Fight in the North Dakota House Between New and Old Lawmakers

The state House of Representatives held a second floor session today at 5:00pm, which is a bit unusual. Typically we don’t see multiple daily floor sessions until the crunch times before crossover (when the House and Senate exchange their passed bills) and sine die which ends the overall legislative session. The former is still weeks away,