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Podcast: Burgum Backs Trump on Trade

Podcast: Burgum Backs Trump on Trade

Governor Doug Burgum, fresh off a White House meeting with Donald Trump on trade issues, said on my radio show today that he likes what the President is doing. “This administration, they’re listening to the people,” he said. “They’re listening to the plain states.” “We’ve got a White House that’s pro-agriculture,” he added. Asked specifically

Thank the Government for Protecting You From Low Milk Prices

A reader recently sent me a picture of this sign posted on the glass door of a refrigerated display at a convenience store in Bismarck. It warns customers that a coupon for milk won’t be honored because it lowered the price below what state regulations allow. That’s right. The state government is literally protecting you

"We Need To Stand Up For Coal Country" Says Noted Hillary Clinton Supporter

Back in March Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said her policies would “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” That comment has come to haunt Clinton. In West Virginia it lost her the backing of an influential organization of coal miners. But Clinton doesn’t seem to have lost the support


North Dakota Is Creating A Special Fund For Suing The Federal Government

North Dakota is a state where the economy is dominated by industry. Agriculture and energy, specifically. As such, there is always a lot of tension between the state and the federal government when it comes to regulating those industries. Generally, the State of North Dakota and its industries would just as soon the federal government

Legislature Sends Corporate Farming Ban Rollback To Governor For Signature

With little fanfare today the Senate concurred to and then passed the House version of a rollback to the state’s corporate farming ban. Dairy and swine farms, both in heavy decline in the state, will now be able to incorporate and enjoy capital from investors who aren’t necessarily related by blood (the state’s current ban

David Flynn: Federal "Beige Book" Shows Problems In The Agriculture Sector

For those that do not know, “beige book” is the name of the Fed’s regional condition summary (available here). The Ninth District summary (which includes North Dakota) concludes that economic performance is mixed. Strength came from manufacturing, energy and mining, consumers, and a few others. The weaker sectors included construction, farming and real estate. Now that summary

Joe Miller Column: North Dakota Opportunists Seek To Divide Oil, Agriculture

North Dakota is blessed with great fortune and opportunity.  Our state, like our nation was founded on a vision of hope, but not without out hard work.  North Dakotans know well the virtues of hard work and steadfast determination that  yield results such as those that we can benefit from today. The last several years have been