Superintendent Kirsten Baesler Is Not Resigning


IMG_2779This morning I woke up to a flood of emails and other messages from SAB readers alerting me to the fact that over night Superintendent Kirsten Baesler’s job status on Facebook switched from Superintendent of Public Instruction to former Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Baesler is in the midst of a scandal over an alleged assault on her fiance Todd Tschosik, which in turn is just the latest episode of what Baesler herself has alleged as a pattern of violence between her and Tschosik which has been “escalating in recent months.”

Obviously, when you readers saw the status change on her Facebook account you were intrigued.

But it turns out the explanation behind the change isn’t very exciting.

“She’s not resigning,” Department of Public Instruction spokesman Dale Wetzel told me this morning. And he’s in the know.

Wetzel said he was actually helping Baesler make some changes to her Facebook profile last night, and that the change in job status was inadvertent.

He said no sort of statement is forthcoming regarding resignation, because there’s nothing to announce.

So, there’s no news here. And normally I wouldn’t put up a post reporting about the lack of news, but sometimes something like this can take on a life of its own with people speculating and rumor-mongering, and so I thought I’d share the straight dope.