Still waiting to find some substance in Cara Mund’s nascent congressional campaign


MINOT, N.D. — No, Cara Mund, you will not be the first female to run for Congress in North Dakota.

“I think people are excited to see another name on the ballot and to see a woman for the first time ever in that role or position as someone you can vote for,” the former Miss America told reporters for Fargo-based television station Valley News Live while collecting signatures for her independent run . “It’s important we have that representation, especially now in 2022. It should not be the first time a woman has been placed on this ballot for this role.”

Here’s the thing: It’s not the first time a woman has been on North Dakota’s ballot for this role. If we’re talking about Congress, broadly, then we shouldn’t forget that Heidi Heitkamp was our U.S. denator through 2012. Prior to that, Jocelyn Burdick represented North Dakota in the Senate, though she was appointed, not elected, and her tenure there was brief.

But if we’re talking strictly about the U.S. House? Where Mund hopes to be seated?

Pam Gulleson received the Democratic-NPL’s nomination to run for the U.S. House back in 2012. She was defeated by Republican Kevin Cramer, but received a very respectable 41.8% of the vote.

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