State Supreme Court puts term limits back on the ballot, but it’s still not clear we need it


Minot, N.D. — In a unanimous decision, North Dakota’s Supreme Court overruled Secretary of State Al Jaeger, finding that he misapplied law when he refused to approve a measure implementing term limits for the November ballot.

The court didn’t address problems with the measure related to signature and address errors, or violations of the pay-per-signature statue which led to a search warrant being executed on a Minot man’s home , but did find that Jaeger erred when he invalidated all signatures 15,740 signatures notarized by a man due to questions over whether his notarizations were valid.

Of the signatures Zeph Toe notarized, 1,043 were disqualified due to signatures inconsistencies, but in the court’s view, the remaining 14,697 signatures were sufficient to put the measure back on the ballot.

“We grant the Committee’s petition and issue a writ of mandamus requiring the Secretary of State to place the Term Limits Initiative on the November 8, 2022, general election ballot,” the court wrote.

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