State Capitol on Lockdown as #NoDAPL Protesters Come for a Visit


Several state lawmakers contacted me this afternoon saying they had been alerted that the capitol in Bismarck was placed on lockdown.

You can read one such email from state Rep. Bob Martinson of Bismarck below.

“Due to unforeseen protest related activities on the Capitol grounds all exterior Capitol complex doors will be locking immediately,” the email states, citing the authority of the ND Highway Patrol. “Employees may still leave at this time. Caution should be used when leaving. Employees that are uncomfortable leaving may remain in the Capitol until the situation has been resolved.”

Also got this from a reader whose son was visiting the capitol today:

This might be nothing, but my son was at the capital building today for student congress. They had to stop early and leave for some unknown reason. They weren’t rush out but certainly lead out. Don’t know if it has anything to do with the protests or not.

According to my colleague Mike Nowatzki, approximately 50 #NoDAPL protesters are traveling to the state capitol for an impromptu meeting with Governor Jack Dalrymple in the company of a group of clergy which visited the protest site today:

Per Bismarck Tribune reporter Nick Smith, the group is now praying outside of the capitol:

Locking down the capitol at the news of an impromptu visit from the protesters seems warranted given the often unlawful and sometimes violent activities of the protesters. And in light of the fact that the capitol was vandalized earlier this week by people apparently in solidarity with the protesters.

The protesters often say they’re prayerful. Even when they’re torching cars and throwing bombs. Literally.

Here’s some video, updates below.

UPDATE: Looks like the protesters are going to make law enforcement arrest them. Again.

UPDATE: Arrests made:

Here’s the lockdown email:

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