Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault Found Not Guilty of Disorderly Conduct, Here’s Video of What He Did


Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman David Archambault, along with tribal council member Dana Yellow Fat, were on trial in Bismarck today over disorderly conduct charges related to the #NoDAPL protests.

Both men were found not guilty today per Bismarck Tribune reporter Caroline Grueskin:

Grueskin reported that there was a six-person jury picked for the case, which included one member of the Standing Rock Tribe:

It’s pretty remarkable to me that these men were acquitted. Here’s video of the incident which drew the charges. You can see Archambault (orange shirt) and Yellow Fat (black shirt and hat) in his video taken by left wing activists in August of last year:

Both men are actively resisting officers who were trying to protect pipeline workers leaving the area (you can see the vehicles of the pipeliners in the background toward the end of the video).

If that’s not worthy of a disorderly conduct charge, what is? Did the jurors not see the video?

You have to give the environmental activists credit for one thing. They’ve got good lawyers.

In related news, Archambault is running for another term as tribal chairman.