Sorry, Armstrong and Cramer, but the Jan. 6 commission matters


MINOT, N.D. — Asked this week by our Matt Henson how they feel about the Jan. 6 commission in Washington D.C., two of three members of North Dakota’s congressional delegation derided it as a stunt.

They aren’t paying attention, they claim. It hasn’t revealed anything new about the deadly, pro-Trump riot.

Which is a dump truck full of malarkey.

“I don’t think the general public’s frankly all that interested, and quite honestly, they ought to be having hearings about what to with the price of fuel,” Sen. Kevin Cramer told Henson, ignoring that the hearings have, at times, drawn an audience that rivals what “Sunday Night Football” enjoys .

Fuel prices are absolutely something Congress should be paying attention to, but so is an attempt by a president to overturn an election.

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