Some in Dem-NPL are ‘furious’ and ‘disgusted’ by ousting of House candidate in favor of Cara Mund


Minot, N.D. — Over the holiday weekend, prominent members of the Democratic-NPL on social media heaped praise on Mark Haugen, who was their U.S. House candidate before he was pressured out of the race by party elites who favor the candidacy of former Miss America Cara Mund.

Haugen has said that he’s notifying the Secretary of State’s office to remove his name from the statewide ballot today. Assuming Mund turns in the appropriate amount of signatures to put her name on the ballot as an independent, she would be left as the only challenge to Republican incumbent Rep. Kelly Armstrong.

Based on Haugen’s words at a Labor Day press conference held in his backyard, he’s not feeling the love from his party.

“I’m wavering in my belief that we’re a big-tent party right now, and maybe that‘ll change, but I got into Democratic-NPL politics because I thought we were a big-tent party,” he told attendees . “I hope and believe that we can become an inclusive party that accepts all views, but the messages I received recently… it’s been hard on my wife and I.”

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