Some Bizarre Goings-on in the North Dakota College Republicans, With Ties to Other Squabbles


MINOT, N.D. — I’m about to tell you a very strange story about the goings-on in the North Dakota College Republicans.

First, I probably need to explain why you should care.

The College Republicans are woven into the governance structure of the North Dakota Republican Party. As part of an effort to reach out to younger voters, the NDGOP gave the CRs, and another group called the North Dakota Young Republicans, seats on the party’s state committee. That committee decides the leadership and many of the policy directions of the NDGOP, and the candidates of the NDGOP govern the state.

If you control the leadership of the College Republicans, you control a seat on one of the most consequential committees in state politics.

Hold on to that thought for a moment.

Things are about to get weird.

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