MINOT, N.D. — When Donald Trump was president, his grossly misleading pronouncements and hyperboles were routinely challenged by skeptical journalists.

When President Joe Biden engages in similar fits of self-serving fabulism, it’s accepted as gospel.

Biden has erroneously compared Georgia’s recently passed voting reforms to “Jim Crow on steroids” and pressured Major League Baseball to pull this year’s All-Star Game from its scheduled host city of Atlanta.

The impetus for Georgia’s reforms has its roots in the phony-baloney claims that Trump lost the election due to voter fraud, and that’s unfortunate. Still, Biden’s comparison of the laws to Jim Crow is equally nonsensical.

No reasonable person, familiar with the policies Georgia has actually implemented instead of how they’ve been characterized by overwrought tweeters and ranting cable news hosts, not to mention the ugly realities of what Jim Crow laws really were, believes the comparison apt.

It’s puerile propaganda.

This goes to show that, even for many of the same people who were incensed by Trump’s incessant deceitfulness, lying is OK as long as it’s for the right cause.

Major League Baseball has now caved to the pressure from Biden and left-wing activists and pulled the All-Star game from Atlanta.

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