Senate candidate in battleground NDGOP primary accused of aggressive, threatening behavior


MINOT, N.D. — District 8, a mostly rural jurisdiction north of Bismarck, has become the battleground in the Republican legislative primaries that are roiling the NDGOP.

And things are, at least according to some candidates there, getting ugly.

According to Scott McCarthy, one of four candidates seeking the NDGOP’s nomination for two state House races, a parade in Linton ended on a discordant note when one of the volunteers supporting his campaign was accosted by Rep. Jeff Magrum.

Magrum, who is currently in the House, is seeking the Senate nomination. He’s running along with House candidates Brandon Prichard and SueAnn Olson. McCarthy is running with Rep. Dave Nehring, who is seeking the Senate nomination, and Mike Berg, who is running for the House.

“We did the parade and at the end of the parade we pulled into the starting spot so that we could take the banners and stuff off the truck. As Berg and I were packing his truck, we turned around and saw Jim surrounded by Jeff Magrum and others,” McCarthy told me.

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