Sen. Cramer, you can’t fight hypocrisy with hypocrisy


MINOT, N.D. — During a recent appearance on the Larry Kudlow show on Fox Business, Sen. Kevin Cramer, rightly, decried Democratic efforts to federalize elections.

“[Democratic Majority] Leader Schumer wants to bring up the voting rights bill which is just an absolute fake crisis that they’re trying to create so they can open up the doors for a federal overtaking of our state election system,” Cramer told Kudlow. “When the states created the federal government, I like to stress that the states created the federal government, they put certain safeguards in place. The United States Senate is one of those safeguards that looks out for millions of people that might be in a different part of the country than the majority. It’s worked very well to this point.”

“Our voting system has been successful. You may not like what another state does but that is the other state’s business,” Cramer continued. “Certainly we don’t want to mandate things like ballot harvesting or not allowing states to secure their votes with a simple voter ID bill that is already an idea that has been upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States. No, it is just all drama to try to federalize exactly what happened in the last election and that is wide open access to ballot harvesting, vote by mail, same-day registration, all of which create opportunities for mischief and all of which should be determined by states, not by the federal government.” 

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