Well, that’s it for me in 2016 folks.

I’ve got my next two newspaper columns written.

I’ve got guest hosts lined up for the radio show next week.

From here forward I’m on vacation.

I’ll be back in action January 2, 2017. Until then, free free to talk among yourselves.

Here’s how things will break down on the radio show:

  • Monday we’ll have a “best of” recording from the show.
  • Tuesday state Senator Jon Casper will be guest hosting
  • Wednesday Fargo City Commissioner John Strand will take over
  • Thursday Fargo City Commissioner Tony Gehrig sits in
  • Friday there will be no show, instead there will be a sports broadcast

It sounds like the weather good be pretty awful, which might be nice if you’re snuggled up with your loved ones somewhere warm. It’s less nice if you’re traveling.

Be careful out there. And wherever you are, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday.