Secretary of State Asks Democratic Candidate for More Information About Her Residency


MINOT, N.D. — Travisia Martin is the North Dakota Democratic-NPL’s candidate for Insurance Commissioner this election cycle, challenging incumbent Republican Jon Godfread.

She’s also got some serious residency issues. The North Dakota constitution requires five consecutive years of residency in the state for someone wishing to hold a public office like Insurance Commissioner.

Per the State of Nevada’s voting records, Martin cast a ballot there in November of 2016. To do so she had to attest that she was a resident of that state, which makes her claim that she was a resident of North Dakota for the last five years pretty hard to countenance.

Martin has been aware of these residency issues for some time now — I spoke with her about them on May 20 — but so far she has remained in the race.

Now the Secretary of State’s office is looking into the matter.

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