School districts should have to report bad teachers


MINOT, N.D. — The Crosby Journal has an excellent and eye-opening report about a teacher who has managed to bounce around school districts in western North Dakota for more than a decade despite some deeply troubling on-the-job behavior.

What sort of problems are we talking about?

According to the Journal, which obtained these facts through open records requests, Lanny Gabbert resigned from the Ray school district in October 2021 after working there for just a couple of months.

Gabbert was asked to resign, according to documents obtained by the Journal, for saying he can’t help what he thinks when women wear provocative clothing, for suggesting men only think about sex, telling a female student that thinking about her might land him in jail, announcing he doesn’t always wash his hands after using the bathroom, allegedly touching a female student’s buttocks when pushing her off a desk, calling students idiots, discussing domestic disputes with his wife in front of students, and offering to give students chiropractic adjustments before and after school (he is, apparently, a licensed chiropractor).

Oh, and he told the kids they should smoke marijuana instead of drinking alcohol because it’s better for them. Advice that, while arguably true, isn’t appropriate coming from a teacher given that using both marijuana and alcohol is illegal for minors.

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