Sandra Fluke: "Women Are Still At A Disadvantage Because Folks Often Don't Donate As Much To Female Candidates"


Sandra Fluke is a feminist activist who rose to national prominence after claiming, in a hearing before Congress, that women are being denied access to contraception because insurance companies aren’t being forced to cover it.

Because apparently women – the delicate, helpless flowers that they are – are apparently incapable of paying for their own contraception.

Now Fluke has brought that same upside down reasoning to campaign finance reform. According to Fluke, we need to change the laws because Americans don’t give as much money to female candidates.

“We’re still not where we need to be on campaign finance reform,” Fluke said on MSNBC. “And so women are still at a disadvantage because folks often don’t donate as much to female candidates either, and that is – that’s a big barrier.”

You can watch the video here.

I’d love to know what sort of campaign finance reform Fluke wants that could force Americans to give more to women? Or maybe she wants publicly funded campaigns, where Americans don’t get to express their opinions through political contributions at all.

Regardless, this is how the left sees the world. If there is an unequal outcome, the only possible explanation they can conceive of is discrimination of some sort to be rectified through victim advocacy. Can’t ever just be the result of people making choices based on things like, you know, policy and stuff.