MINOT, N.D. — There is no doubt that on election night in North Dakota, the biggest loser was the Democratic-NPL.

The party saw every single one of its statewide candidates get slaughtered, and their already mingy minority in the Legislature taken down a notch from “they couldn’t possibly do any worse” to “oh, wait, yes they can.”

The lawmakers for the Democratic-NPL were already having problems filling minority party committee assignments in Bismarck. Now, based on the unofficial results, they’re down three more senators and at least one more representative.

But giving the Democrats a run for their money in the biggest-loser-of-the-night race was state Rep. Rick Becker and his Bastiat Caucus. They were out for revenge on Gov. Doug Burgum this year after he spent a ton of money against Bastiat-preferred legislative candidates earlier this year.

Becker and his crew were pushing write-in votes for Michael Coachman in the gubernatorial race.

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