Republican ‘flat tax’ proposal is not ‘just another giveaway to the wealthy’


MINOT, N.D. — So much of our political dialogue is just rote, knee-jerk talking points driven by partisanship.

Republicans always call Democratic budgets “tax and spend” plans. Democrats call any sort of tax reform “tax cuts for the wealthy.” These slogans are deployed regardless of the facts of a proposal.

As an example of the latter, consider the recent “flat tax” proposal announced by Gov. Doug Burgum and a group of Republican lawmakers yesterday. The response Democratic-NPL lawmakers was about what you’d expect.

“Dem-NPL Lawmakers dismiss Burgum Tax Proposal as ‘Just another giveaway to the wealthy,'” read the headline for their news release responding to the announcement of the plan. The quote in the headline comes from Rep. Zach Ista, a Grand Forks Democrat.

“I’ll work with anyone to lower taxes for hard-working North Dakotans who need it most. But this proposal is just another giveaway to the wealthy,” he said.

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