Army Corps Sets December 5 Deadline for Emptying #NoDAPL Camps


UPDATE: I’ve added the full letter below.

According to a Facebook post by Jordan Chariton, a reporter for the far-left online news outlet Young Turks, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has set a deadline of December 5 to clear a camp established by the #NoDAPL movement.

Here’s his posting, which includes photos of excerpts from the letter. I’m working on getting a full copy of it, but the state officials I’ve been in contact with this evening weren’t even aware of it:

As a frame of reference, here’s a map which was included in a Corps letter asking for law enforcement assistance in protecting Corps land north of the #NoDAPL camps from trespassing by protesters. The blue line is the boundary of Corps property, the red area is the area currently being protected by ND law enforcement at the request of the Corps:


It appears from the letter that the Seven Council Fires Camp is the one the Corps wants cleared, with everyone moving down to the Rosebud Camp (still on Corps property) or to the Standing Rock Reservation land south of that.

If this is real, it’s a big deal. The #NoDAPL folks aren’t likely to go quietly. I mean, they’ve been building permanent structures on Corps Land, which the Corps specifically forbid in their special use permit allowing the protest camp.

That’s something specifically mentioned in the letter.

I wonder who will enforce this?. So far the feds have largely withheld law enforcement support. Are they expecting North Dakota cops to clear the protesters off federal land?

Or are the feds finally getting in the game?

Either way, I don’t think the camp is going to be closed down peacefully. I hope I’m wrong.

It’s worth noting that moving this protest camp, which was established without a permit from the Corps, would be far less of a conflict had the Corps not allowed the protesters to linger there in the first place.

UPDATE: Here’s the full letter:

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