Read It: In Letter, North Dakota University System Says They Accept Kennedy’s “De Facto” Resignation


University of North Dakota President doesn’t quite have a new job in Colorado – he’s been named as the sole finalist, but a final decision hasn’t been made – but as far as North Dakota is concerned he’s done.

In a letter, NDUS Chancellor Mark Hagerott has said he accepts Kennedy’s de facto resignation.

Here’s an excerpt. The whole document is below.

Hagerott concludes the letter saying that if Kennedy disagrees with this conclusion they should talk and plan a path forward.

This is quite a situation Kennedy has created for himself. He’s clearly been job hunting for a while, while being something less than honest with that fact with the media and others here in Norht Dakota. He tried to lay off a scandal having to do with his personnel decisions on racism and/or sexism.

North Dakota doesn’t want him any more. Colorado may not take him.

Which isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of his communication and organizational skills. Things kind of important in a university president.

It’s a real pickle for Kennedy. If he doesn’t get the gig in Colorado he’s going to want to hold on to his UND job, at least for a while. If he allows the NDUS to believe he’s resigned, as opposed to them removing him from office, he’s not entitled to any sort of a golden parachute. He does have a contract.

Hagerott’s letter is below. Here’s Kennedy’s letter to the campus community, which Hagerott references:

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