As Protesters Try to Block Assistance for North Dakota Law Enforcement #NoDAPL Arrests Total 223 From 39 States


This map, courtesy of the National Sheriff’s Association, shows where the 223 people (as of yesterday) arrested during the #NoDAPL protests have come from.

Click for a larger view:

Protester Map

I post this map to illustrate how absurd it is that left-wing #NoDAPL sympathizers in other states would oppose sending law enforcement to North Dakota to help with the increasingly violent and unlawful protests.

Earlier this month a contingent of deputies from Dane County in Wisconsin were pulled back from North Dakota, where they’d been sent to assist Morton County in handling the protests, after pressure from the local community.

Now the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department in Minnesota is getting similar pressure to withdraw their support.

It’s almost as though the protesters want chaos, as opposed to law and order, here in North Dakota.

Whatever side of the pipeline issue you’re on, the simple truth is that there is a lot of illegal activity going on with the protests. Private property is being trespassed upon and vandalized. Small rural roads are being inundated with traffic from thousands of protesters along and the media covering them. Traveling teachers have been threatened¬†and harrassed. Cattle have been attacked.

To say that things are tense in south central North Dakota these days is an understatement.

It is the job of law enforcement to maintain order and protect not only the protesters but the people who live down in that area. Plus, law enforcement has their routine duties and services they must attend to.

To do that North Dakota needs more resources than it has.

Resources these protesters want to deny our state.

That will only make these protests more dangerous. It only makes it more likely that people will be hurt.

I’d say those outcomes are things nobody wants, but I’m afraid there is an extreme faction in these protests that would love some blood, would love some violence and injury, as fodder for propaganda against law enforcement and the state.