When Protesters Don’t Actually Know What They’re Protesting


The protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline here in North Dakota have gone national, but it doesn’t seem as though everyone involved in the protests actually knows what’s going on.

A SAB reader in Washington D.C. wandered down to a protest against the pipeline there in front of the White House and found this flyer in wide circulation:

Dakota Pipeline Protest Handout
Many, including this observer, have argued that the Dakota Access protest isn’t really about tribal sovereignty or Native American issues or historic artifacts along the pipeline route. Rather, the protests use those things as window dressing to obscure the real agenda which is just blocking critical energy.

It’s part of the “keep it in the ground” movement extremist environmentalists have embraced.

This flyer seems to be evidence supporting that conclusion. The professional activists don’t have to know the specifics about the Dakota Access pipeline, because the specifics don’t matter. It is a pipeline, thus it is evil.

That’s the sort of shallow thinking the Obama administration is catering to with its delay in pipeline construction.

If you want a more in-depth report on the #NoDAPL rally in D.C., go to Sean Hackbarth.

On a related note, I posted this picture on Twitter a few days ago of some #NoDAPL protesters along I94 in Mandan who don’t seem to have a grasp on irony:

You can’t make this stuff up.