Potential Threat to President Trump Turned Into Law Enforcement Ahead of Visit to Fargo


t4.4.16 Bob King -- kingTRUMP0406c1 -- Donald Trump speaks to the crowd in a hangar at the Bong Airport Monday afternoon. Trump spoke for just under an hour and covered foreign trade, NATO, immigration and jobs among other topics. Bob King / rking@duluthnews.com

President Donald Trump is set to visit Fargo later this week and as you might imagine that’s getting a lot of attention here in North Dakota. Fans of the President are excited to attend his rally while critics are planning protests.

But a SAB reader spotted a potential threat to the President ahead of the visit and shared it with me today.

My source was at Sandy’s Donuts this morning and found a newspaper with this message written on it (click for a larger view):

The message is a drawn bulls eye over Trump’s name on the front page of the Fargo Forum as well as a message, “someone please do the deed.”

My source, a former state official who asked that I not use his name because of fear of retaliation from whoever this individual is, says he contacted law enforcement about the message. The matter is under investigation, according to the source.

Law enforcement has taken the newspaper, and my source was also told by investigators that surveillance footage from the business has been reviewed and they feel at this point it may be someone who has also been making threats against the President online.

Secret Service has also been alerted to the situation and is investigating.