A Post to Reaffirm Your Faith in Humanity


We are having a dark moment in America right now, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I needed a feel-good story.

So here’s one.

In Parker County, Texas, (a place not so very far from Dallas, as it happens) a group of inmates broke out of their cell to save a deputy who was having a heart attack.

When the inmates, who were awaiting court appearances, couldn’t make enough noise to attract attention to the ailing deputy they managed to break out of their holding cell and render assistance.

The deputy survived.

Here’s the report from WFAA. If you’re curious about the timeline, this happened around the end of June. The YouTube video has over 3 million views as I write this, but I just saw it today:


These men were locked in a cell. Who could blame them if they’d done nothing? Instead they risked a great deal, putting themselves in potentially legal and even physical danger, to help the man in charge of keeping them locked up.

That’s remarkable.

It can be easy to forget, amid the relentlessly negative headlines and ugly social media trolling, that most people have some good inside them. Even people in jail.

Maybe we could all try a little harder to see the good in each other.