Port: We sure are doing a lot of stupid things to supposedly ‘protect’ children


Minot, N.D. — Last year, a new school opened its doors in Fargo.

The Capstone Academy is a private school that, per its website , is affiliated with Hillsdale College , a conservative institution of higher education that emphasizes a “classical” education. Capstone is coming up on the end of its first school year, having enrolled over 100 students last fall .

I was thinking about Capstone, and its promotion of “classical” education, as I read the national headlines about a school in Tallahassee, Florida, which fired its principal because he showed a group of sixth-graders a photo of Michelangelo’s famed sculpture of David – of David and Goliath fame – during an art history lesson.

It’s fitting that this sculpture would be a part of an art history curriculum. It is perhaps the most famous statue in the history of art. It is so iconic it is often literally used as an icon to represent the concept of art. But the statue is a nude depiction, with David’s genitalia on display, and that got some of the parents in Florida hopping mad.

Now the principal is looking for a new job.

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