Port: We have to stop rewarding shamelessness


MINOT, N.D. — In more normal times, shame played an essential role in our society. Those in the public spotlight guilty of some contemptible act felt obliged to apologize and make some contrition, up to and including stepping out of their public role to make room for someone who hadn’t disgraced themselves.

That’s not how it works anymore. If there’s a defining characteristic of this era of American politics, it’s shamelessness.

It’s why Fox News host Tucker Carlson continues to broadcast despite his private messages showing he knew he was promoting the lies of lying politicians to an audience he had little respect for.

It’s why Donald Trump continues to be a threat to hold national office, despite a litany of lies and frauds that would take an entire afternoon to enumerate.

It’s why Rep. George Santos, a man who couldn’t even tell the truth about his mother’s death , is still sitting in Congress.

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