Port: True American patriots would welcome our Liberian friends with open arms


MINOT, N.D. — The recent Washington Post profile of racism inflicted upon Liberian immigrants in the Fargo area was a hard one to read, both as an American and as a North Dakotan.

Nobody likes to be confronted with ugly truths about the places we live, but it’s a medicine we must swallow. Some of our neighbors have committed themselves to making the Liberian community feel unwelcome in our state, harassing and scaring them in various ways.

There have been fliers espousing nonsense about the “great replacement,” a conspiracy theory holding that liberal Americans are trying to replace White voters with immigrants.

Some actions, too, have been motivated by the murder of a young Fargo girl named Jupiter Paulsen by a Liberian man.

But most of this nonsense is born of the usual bigoted, nativist notions about who is and is not a real American.

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