Port: This is why North Dakota’s Legislature has become a battleground in the culture wars


MINOT, N.D. — In these first weeks of North Dakota’s legislative session, we’ve been inundated with one news story after another detailing a slew of bills concerned with ripped-from-the-headlines culture war topics.

From trans issues to election audits , it seems clear that many of our lawmakers are more concerned with the priorities of Facebook comment sections, and Fox News prime-time talking heads than what’s impacting their constituencies.

These folks are nothing if not topical. We’ve even got bills about gas stoves , the latest front in the culture wars.

Many critics of this flurry of Kulturkampf blame it on out-of-touch politicians, but that’s not precisely accurate. Many of these lawmakers are responding to signals from the electoral process.

They’re very much in touch. At least with those who are participating.

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