Port: These grandstanding hypocrites were just fine with eminent domain when it was used for oil pipelines


MINOT, N.D. — This week two members of the very Trumpy Bastiat Caucus of North Dakota Republicans, Rep. Rick Becker and Rep. Jeff Magrum, announced a bill for the upcoming legislative session that would bar carbon pipelines from using eminent domain.

Becker’s participation was a little odd since he isn’t running for re-election and won’t be serving in next year’s session, but he does probably need some earned media for his floundering U.S. Senate campaign, and someone had to do the talking at this press event.

Magrum, as you know if you’ve heard him speak, is barely coherent.

What was stunning about their proposal was the sheer hypocrisy of it. I wrote recently about how many Trump-aligned “conservatives” think conservatism is just annoying the right people.

Becker and Magrum hate Gov. Doug Burgum.

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