Port: These anti-trans bills are based on a perverse notion of freedom


MINOT, N.D. — Sometimes, you live through a moment and history and think, “This isn’t going to age well.”

Last week the state Senate spiked a $6 million appropriation that would have allowed the state to expand on the federal school lunch program to cover families up to 200% of the federal poverty level, which is just $60,000 for a four-member household in 2023.

This week the Senate passed a raft of moral panic bills targeting the trans community and even revived the language of a pronouns bill Gov. Doug Burgum had already vetoed .

If these bills become law — it’s a sure bet that Burgum will veto at least some of them — how many millions will it cost the state to defend them in court?

The list, which the ACLU of North Dakota has dubbed the “slate of hate,” includes House Bill 1254, House Bill 1249, House Bill 1489, House Bill 1522, House Bill 1139, House Bill 1474, House Bill 1473, and House Bill 1297.

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