Port: There’s nothing unethical about the consent of the governed


MINOT — There is a network of left-wing activists in North Dakota, who coordinate through their various groups to advance a very ideological interpretation of what it means to be ethical.

An interpretation that, in turn, is calculated to help these activists achieve political outcomes they can’t through North Dakota’s democratic processes thanks to the way North Dakotans vote.

I’ve written about this network before . It includes groups like North Dakota Voters First, North Dakotans for Public Integrity and the Dakota Resource Council. The activists who work for these groups seem to be coordinating their efforts through their various groups in an astroturfing campaign intended to amplify their gripes about the way North Dakota does business.

Case in point, Scott Skokos, executive director of the Dakota Resource Council, also serves on the board of directors for North Dakota Voters First alongside Ellen Chaffee, who is also the head of North Dakotans for Public Integrity.

See how that works?

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