Port: Supposedly ‘independent’ U.S. House candidate Cara Mund is fundraising with Democrats again


MINOT, N.D. — To hear U.S. House candidate Cara Mund tell it, she’s actually a Republican, but she’s not welcome in the GOP because the party is run by a bunch of old white men who just won’t accept a woman like her.

Which is kind of insulting to the many women in North Dakota who vote for Republicans, and hold office as Republicans.

I guess they’re all dupes? Who knows. The politics of identity are so often convoluted and situational.

But Mund’s portrayal of herself is a canard.

She is not a Republican. I’m not convinced she’s even all that moderate. She may claim that she’d consider caucusing with Republicans if elected to the House, but there’s no way that high-profile Democrats pushed their party’s candidate out of the House race to make room for Mund so that she could get elected and help give Republicans a majority in Congress.

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