Port: Sandra Sanford, wife of ex-lieutenant governor, may be the culture warrior candidate for NDGOP chair


MINOT, N.D. — Next month the North Dakota Republican Party will hold its reorganization event, and the stakes are high.

There is a push by the populist, MAGA-aligned right to take over the state party from the more pragmatic traditional conservatives. The “normies,” as I like to call them. It’s gotten so bad that former Gov. Ed Schafer couldn’t even get elected to a low-level precinct committee in his Fargo-area district.

Schafer, whose optimistic, pro-business, happy-warrior approach to politics was the harbinger of the last 30 years of NDGOP dominance, says this new wave of Trumpy Republicans doesn’t want people like him.

The MAGA crowd has been out-organizing the normies for some time now, putting butts in seats at district-level reorganization events and instructing them to vote for MAGA-aligned slates of candidates for party leadership positions. Now they may have elected enough district chairs to unseat the current NDGOP chair, normie-aligned Perrie Schafer.

But who would challenge Schafer?

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