Port: Republican women rip Cara Mund for attacks on their party and colleague


MINOT, N.D. — It has been peculiar to observe Cara Mund, a white Ivy Leaguer, a graduate of Brown University in Rhode Island, and Harvard Law School in Massachusetts, and a beauty queen celebrity affluent enough to run for Congress after college instead of finding a job as most recent graduates must, posture herself as some disadvantaged victim on the campaign trail.

Yet that’s been Mund’s schtick since entering North Dakota’s U.S. House race.

The ostensible independent — in reality the de facto candidate of the Democratic-NPL party thanks to the machinations of party elites earlier this year who pushed a more moderate candidate chosen by rank-and-file party members out of the race — claims to be a spokesperson for women everywhere who are oppressed by the cruel patriarchy of old white Republican men.

That Mund has done this while also trying to claim, unbelievably, that she’s a kinda-sort Republican who might caucus with the GOP in the House (despite not having bothered to ask the Republican citizens of North Dakota, at a convention or in the statewide primary, how they might feel about this) is more than a little insufferable.

Now a group of Republican women — elected leaders who run the ideological gamut from moderate to conservative — are speaking up about it .

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