Port: Republican lawmaker again taking credit for bills she didn’t vote for


MINOT, N.D. — On April 19, 2021, state Rep. Kathy Skroch, a Republican from the Lidgerwood area, showed up for a photo opportunity for a bill she didn’t vote for.

It’s standard practice for the governor and supportive lawmakers to hold a bill signing ceremony for key pieces of legislation. The lawmakers look on while the governor ceremoniously applies a signature to the bill. But it’s deeply odd that a lawmaker would show up for one of these things after having voted to kill the bill.

The bill, which was HB 1435 that session, allows the family members of fallen cops, corrections officers, and emergency personnel to keep health care coverage under the state plan.

When confronted about her attendance at the bill signing ceremony, Skroch told our reporter Adam Willis that she was “surprised to find that she had voted against it when she went back to check the record.”

This was not a flattering moment for Skroch, but legislative sessions can be a pressure cooker, and given the blizzard of votes taken every session, perhaps a mix-up can be forgiven.

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