Port: North Dakota’s open records laws, election conspiracies, and the tyranny of the confidently incorrect


MINOT, N.D. — A week ago I wrote about the legions of dopes and dupes who are flooding North Dakota election officials, at the state and local level, with open records requests for election data.

Now comes reporter Michael Standaert with a deeper dive into the sorry situation .

These dim bulbs have been led down the primrose path by hucksters like pillow impresario Mike Lindell, as well as his various hangers-on like North Dakota-based talk radio host Scott Hennen .

That they have no real clue about what they’re doing is evidenced by the fact that they’re often requesting information that doesn’t exist. Their demands have no footing in how North Dakota’s elections actually work.

When confronted with that fact, they confidently and incorrectly accuse state officials of a conspiracy to obscure some crime they have no evidence of.

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