Port: North Dakota Republicans increasingly getting burned by Trumpy loons


MINOT, N.D. — There are two recent anecdotes that may illustrate some buyer’s remorse North Dakotan Republicans have when it comes to Trumpism.

The first is the assault on North Dakota’s Secretary of State’s Office coming from the disciples of pillow salesman Mike Lindell. These mouth breathers, out to find evidence of an election conspiracy they’ve already decided exists, are harassing state and local election officials with absurd requests for information.

To be clear, open records requests are serious business, but not when made by unserious people. When these doofuses (doofi?) are confronted with the fact that their knowledge of how our elections actually work is so erroneous that the records they’re requesting don’t exist, they react like all conspiracy theorists react. They simply expand the conspiracy and accuse state and local officials of hiding information.

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