Port: Michigan-based term limits group files ethics complaint against state lawmaker


Minot, N.D. — U.S. Term Limits is the out-of-state group that financed last year’s term limits amendments, which was approved by voters.

The state Legislature is currently considering an amendment to make some changes to what was approved by the voters. Under that proposal, the term limits would be expanded from eight years to 12 years, with the clock resetting once an elected official spends a term out of office. It would also expand term limits to the other statewide elected offices.

Rep. Jim Kasper, a Republican from Fargo, is the sponsor of that resolution. U.S. Term Limits doesn’t like the resolution. Now U.S. Term Limits has filed an ethics complaint against Kasper, accusing him of not making the required disclosure of a $5,000 donation.

The complaint was filed by Scott Tillman, a Michigan-based activist represents U.S. Term Limits. The group announced the ethics complaint with a news release. The state ethics commission is prohibited, by law, from confirming or denying their investigations.

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