MINOT, N.D. — Yesterday evening I got a text message while I was doing the dishes from supper, and when I told my kids about it they cheered.

Schooling was canceled for another day, the message from Minot Public Schools told us. Friday would be another snow day.

Snow days are a rite of passage in our part of the world, but increasingly there are efforts from school districts to find ways to keep the schooling going even when the kids and teachers stay home. Schools in West Fargo and Moorhead have turned to virtual learning during snow days, and Fargo’s schools may be on their heels .

On paper, it seems like a nice idea. Sure, the kids like the days off, but they’re kids. Isn’t it better to keep the momentum going with their instruction?

But I’m not so sure, so I consulted an expert in the field of pedagogy. My friend, Dr. Dan Conn, is the chair of the Teacher Education and Kinesiology department at Minot State University. I called him, interrupting his efforts to clear his driveway, and asked him about schools using distance education on snow days.

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