Port: Lawsuit over ‘late ballots’ assisted by foundation with ties to Trump’s stolen election lies


Minot, N.D. — In late 2020, as disgraced former President Donald Trump tried to bully local election officials into swinging the national election in his favor, he had help from a woman named Cleta Mitchell.

Mitchell was on the phone with Trump while he tried to convince officials in Georgia to alter election results. Her work in support of Trump’s stolen election lies prompted her to leave the high-profile law firm where she was a partner.

She also helped funnel money into the phony-baloney “election audit” in Arizona.

It’s notable then, that a lawsuit filed by Burleigh County Auditor Mark Splonkowski, which purports to be in pursuit of election integrity, is being backed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), a Trump-aligned group overseen by a board chaired by Mitchell.

PILF’s president is J. Christian Adams, who was appointed by Trump to (try not to laugh) a commission on election integrity, and has spent years making unsubstantiated claims about an “alien invasion” at the ballot box.

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