Port: Lawmaker critical of state auditor now chairs the committee overseeing his work


MINOT, N.D. — One of the most intense storylines of the 2023 legislative session was the war of words between Auditor Josh Gallion and members of the Legislature who feel he has abused his office’s powers for self-aggrandizement.

State Rep. Emily O’Brien, a Republican from Grand Forks, was among the most outspoken of Gallion’s critics. Responding to a flurry of complaints from local governing entities, who accused Gallion of overcharging their taxpayers for his audits and misleading the public about their results, she introduced House Bill 1508. In its original form, that legislation would have implemented severe limits on what Gallion could charge for audits, and require them to be reviewed by a certified public accountant (which Gallion is not).

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