Port: Lawmaker barred from flight after altercation with airport security backs bill banning frisk searches


MINOT, N.D. — In October of 2021, state Rep. Jeff Hoverson, a Republican from Minot, was barred from boarding a flight after an altercation with airport security. Now Hoverson has introduced a bill that would seemingly make first searches illegal.

According to an incident report obtained from the Minot Police Department in 2021 , Hoverson accused a member of airport staff of touching his genitals while going through the security checkpoint on Monday, Oct. 25.

He ultimately was removed from the security area, according to the report, and Allegiantbarred him from boarding his flight. The incident report indicated that the matter “will be going long for for [sic] simple assault,” though, per a public records search, it doesn’t appear any criminal charges were filed.

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