Port: It’s time for Republicans to embrace early voting


MINOT, N.D. — Like so many of the things he’s promoted, disgraced former President Donald Trump’s insistance that Republicans vote late, on Election Day, turned out to be stupid.

“Vote on Election Day, because it’s harder for them to cheat,” he said at his last pre-election rally in Ohio . “It’s much harder because they don’t know how many votes they have to produce. They don’t know how many ballots they have to print out. You know? You keep them in suspense and then you say: ‘Nope, we beat you here.’”

His words were echoed by pillow pitchman Mike Lindell. “It’s a lot easier to catch any fraud,” he told the Associated Press . In Arizona, specifically, gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, a devout Trumpist and election conspiracy theorist, lost after telling her voters to eschew early voting and, instead, turn up on Election Day to “overwhelm the system” with “shock and awe.”

Lake lost her election by some 17,000 votes .

Maybe this early voting stuff isn’t so bad after all.

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