Port: It appears last year’s term limits campaign has a roughly $28,000 discrepancy in their financials


MINOT, N.D. — U.S. Term Limits yesterday accused lawmaker Jim Kasper of failing to report a $5,000 contribution from the group’s founder.

U.S. Term Limits, the national group that bankrolled the term limits measure on last year’s November ballot, made the accusation in a complaint filed with the state ethics commission .

Given that Rep. Kasper is backing a proposed amendment to the term limits voters just approved — increasing the number of consecutive terms that can be served but also expanding the limits to other elected offices — the complaint seemed a fairly transparent effort by the term limits group to pressure the lawmaker.

I’ve spoken with Kasper, a Republican from Fargo who is currently fulfilling the duties of his elected office in Bismarck, who told me that he’ll be reviewing his 2020 campaign records when he’s at home, and will file an amended report with Secretary of State Michael Howe’s office if necessary.

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