Port: I guess misogyny is OK as long as it’s directed at Republican women?


MINOT, N.D. — U.S. House candidate Cara Mund has made misogyny one of her central campaign planks.

Since entering the House race, first as an independent candidate, and then as the de facto Democratic-NPL candidate, she’s made much of the abuse she’s subjected to on social media.

The invective aimed at Mund is inexcusable, of course, though not uncommon for public figures in this very-online age of American politics, whatever their gender.

I’m fairly certain that North Dakota voters would rather hear about what Mund will do in Congress on issues like energy and agriculture and trade.

Be that as it may, since Mund is focused on misogynistic political attacks, her silence on misogyny from her close political ally Joel Heitkamp has been interesting to observe.

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