Port: ‘I don’t want my job bad enough to be a hypocrite to keep it’


MINOT, N.D. — In Congress, in Washington, D.C., the House of Representatives has been thrown into chaos by Donald Trump loyalists in the majority Republican caucus using privileged resolutions to attack Trump’s enemies.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna of Florida used one to, after two tries, get a censure for Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff for his admittedly dishonest actions around investigations of disgraced former President Donald Trump.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, of Colorado, used one to try and initiate an impeachment against President Joe Biden. She and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, of Georgia, got into a childish shouting match on the floor of the House over which woman’s impeachment resolution would be considered first.

These acts represent a gross abuse of power. Historically, censures of members of Congress have been rare. Impeachments even more so. A cavalier attitude toward using these things is bad politics and bad for our republic.

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