Port: Gender transition surgery and medicine, which carry permanent side effects, can wait for adulthood


MINOT, N.D. — The way this Legislature in Bismarck has pursued an aggressive policy against the LGBTQ community, generally, and the trans community, specifically, has been appalling.

Even setting aside the debate over policy disagreements, much of the rhetoric has been crude and hurtful and below the dignity of our proud state.

That being said, House Bill 1254, banning surgical interventions and puberty blockers for minors seeking to transition, is good and needed policy.

It was signed into law by Gov. Doug Burgum this week, and he was right to. Much of the reporting around the signing of this bill into law has claimed that it bans “transgender health care” for minors. While that’s broadly accurate, it’s also terribly misleading.

The bill bans two specific categories of treatment, which can have permanent repercussions for those receiving them.

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