Port: Doug Burgum’s presidential campaign has had a good first week


MINOT, N.D. — The headline isn’t completely accurate. As I write this, it hasn’t yet been a full seven-day week since Gov. Doug Burgum announced his presidential campaign in Fargo.

Still, he’s done well in his first news cycle — even the “Doug who?” stuff from the hot-takers worked in his favor.

Turns out, running for president as the governor of North Dakota is something of a novelty, and, as derisive and dismissive as “Doug who?” is intended to be, it got Burgum media attention he might not have received otherwise.

Burgum’s announcement last week was contemporaneous to comments from New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu announcing his own intentions not to run for the White House, and warning other GOP hopefuls that vanity campaigns could just help disgraced former President Donald Trump.

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