Port: Doug Burgum’s best bet is to go straight for Donald Trump’s throat


MINOT, N.D. — Every Republican who is running for the presidential nomination in 2024 is doing so because they don’t think Donald Trump should be the nominee, or the president, again.

If they felt otherwise, they wouldn’t be running.

This is important to remember because there has been a propensity among Republicans, including those who don’t like the disgraced former president, or at least don’t agree with his approach to leading the country, to be mealy-mouthed in their criticism. They don’t like to evoke Trump’s notorious temper tantrums or, perhaps more importantly, to inspire the wrath of his cult-like following, which encompasses vast swaths of the GOP’s base.

The Republicans who want to beat Trump will need to spit the marbles out of their mouths and speak clearly, and convincingly about why Trump should never, ever be given the reins of power again.

And for Gov. Doug Burgum, specifically, going straight for Trump’s jugular may be the best way to jumpstart his campaign.

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